Thursday, October 16, 2008

Scalability, Feature Set Drive 1&1 Internet to select Virtual Observer

We are pleased to announce that 1&1 Internet will be implementing Virtual Observer to record calls on their Alcatel phone system to enhance their customer service quality program. Virtual Observer quality monitoring features which will be utilized include Integrated Evaluation, Integrated Screen Capture, E-Learning, SMDR Integration, Media Encryption, and Auditing.
"At 1&1 Internet our customers expect the best when it comes to customer service. With 1&1’s many years of experience in global customer care, we appreciate Coordinated Systems Inc.’s (CSI) special approach with prospective clients. The informative presentations and availability of experts during the evaluation process from CSI were extremely helpful --
Virtual Observer not only offers an excellent and scalable platform, but also provides a better interface and feature set compared to other well-known brands. Virtual Observer is a great value for the price, and it will quickly become one of the most important assets for our customer service quality program."
- Dirk Moreno Arias, VP International Customer Care, 1&1 Internet

1&1 Internet is the world’s largest web hosting provider by known servers with over 7.7 million customers worldwide. 1&1 currently serves over 10 million domain names at its 55,000 server strong worldwide data centers. 1&1 Internet is a subsidiary of United Internet Group, a public company of over 3,000 employees.

Founded in 1988, 1&1 has pioneered the ‘one stop shop’ approach to web solutions. 1&1’s product portfolio caters to the home user, as well as the professional web developer. 1&1 offers a full range services such as domain names, web hosting, dedicated servers, virtual servers, eShops and MailXchange.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Adding to the Virtual Observer - LFCU Success Story

Today the news wires featured a story about how "Virtual Observer helped Lockheed Federal Credit Union deliver timely member services".

One noteworthy addition we need to mention with this article was that not only were we recording their main call center with nearly 100 phones, but we'd also record their 10 satellite offices, each with a handful of phones.

The LFCU implementation is a true enterprise-caliber solution with a central data repository, and multiple harvest remote harvest points, illustrating how Virtual Observer is a natural selection for smaller and mid-sized credit unions, but VO also is a perfect choice for large and enterprise-scale credit union call recording needs as well.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Earning trust in today's tough economic climate

There is something to be said about being in business for 36 years.

Experience builds character and a big part of that character is stability.

It’s easy to go through the up times, but it’s the economic down times that strengthen businesses.

Stability comes from the experience of living through those down times and making the sometimes painful changes necessary to endure.

Frequently, crisis become a lesson learned for the future.

We at CSI have learned a lot in 36 years and are proud of our stability. We've been allowed to plan, build and sell a high quality product at a fair price.

Our longevity stems from our core philosophy of making sure everything we do is simple, effective and affordable.

We have continued to accomplish this by learning to keep away from the excesses that would require adding inflated costs to our products and even more paramount to swallow up capital should something happen to our economy.

And now as our country is facing a financial crisis, we'll continue to spend wisely, improve our products, and take care of our customers. Having no financial debt, we feel we are in a good position for growth.

We think this will have a major bearing on who prospective customers trust to do business with today and in the future.

We will continue to do our part by providing the best value to price in the industry, as well as the overall lowest cost of ownership.

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