Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Increase Contact Center Security and Performance with added Webcam Monitoring

CSI releases a new call monitoring feature which can utilize agent webcam feeds as an added security and performance measure, continuing a proud string of groundbreaking innovation with the release of the Virtual Observer (VO) VO Live webcam feature, a feature which takes agent call monitoring to an entirely new level of agent assistance.

The Virtual Observer (VO) Live Webcam is a feature that was developed from listening to our customers who wish to learn more about smart phone abuse and other distractions that lead to agent performance issues (#’s of calls per hour, out of adherence trends, fraud prevention, safety and security (reviewing what actually occurred during unplanned emergency events)).

CSI is the first workforce optimization vendor to integrate web cam control with live screen monitoring. Supervisors can now use VO Live to monitor agent motion and activity, facial expressions, body language, behavior patterns, employee code of conduct and ethics.

 This new feature is a logical extension of the original call monitoring goal: to make your agents the best they can possibly be. The feature, intended to be another performance tool in your contact center’s utility belt, can be enabled or disabled for environments who wish to not have web cam capabilities.

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