Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rounding up latest news from our supported phone systems

Virtual Observer supports many popular connectivities, and occasionally we like to move the spotlight to shine on some of the news those companies are making. The communications world is evolving fast. We also have a news feed on the sidebar which displays real time news for phone system vendors as well, so you can keep up on a daily basis.

Avaya Communications announced the release of an update to desktop solutions from Cicero benefitting users of ACS (Avaya Communication Manager) and Avaya Agent IP solutions. The updated solution will help to increase the workflow of those using the software, resulting in a better contact center desktop environment. Cicero is a member of Avaya DevConnect. Click here to read the full article...

Cisco Systems has purchased Nuova Systems, a California-based telecommunications business. Click here to read the full article...

Siemens will be providing 550 mail sorting systems for the USPS, replacing an outdated product which has been utilized for over 20 years. Click here to read the full article...

ShoreTel recently announced changes designed to increase simplicity and ease of use. With new features like message tabs for conversation and message history, updated client interfaces, and easier to use personal interfaces, ShoreTel is providing more efficient work methods for customers. Changes in the Professional Call Manager range from basic voice communications to automatic and on-demand video communications. Upgrades in instant messaging and phone operations have given ShoreTel the ability serve call center with up to 300 agents. New voice switches, titled ShoreGear24A and ShoreGear 3.0, will increase flexibility and assist customer branch locations. Click here to read the full article...

While these stories highlighted above stem from Avaya, Shoretel, Cisco, and Siemens, we also support Nortel, Mitel, 3com, as well as other popular phone systems.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

30+ years later, one of our biggest differentiators is still our people

In trying to stand out from the crowd of call recording vendors, it helps to have a little history on our side. Being around since 1972 gives our management team quite a bit of experience in dealing with an up and down economy, rapidly changing technologies, and adapting to new marketplaces as needed.

Another differentiator is our ability to deliver rapid implementations. We have had customers up and running and recording calls within two days of getting the order. Installation and On-site training included.

What enables rapid implementation is the fact we've always taken pride in hiring only the right people - people with experience and insight into our customers' needs. People who treat each other like customers, and treat customers like partners.

Being able to thrive and constantly evolve over three decades requires a skilled workforce which is willing to adapt to an ever-changing technology landscape, as well as recruiting and training new members to the team, who often bring fresh, game-changing ideas.

Our people come from diverse backgrounds such as call center managers, classroom teachers, and call center technology engineers. This lends itself well to the way we relate so well with our customers. It's why we're able to maintain a 97.5% customer retention in a highly competitive marketplace. It's why our people are still our biggest differentiator.

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