Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What's next for our corporate website?

Our second-design website has now been around for about 2.5 years, and has helped to achieve many of the intended marketing goals. Time to start planning version 3.0!

What has changed in the 2.5 years?

The first thing you could include in a list of what's different are websites which are now more dynamic, interactive, community-driven. Check out for an example of the new media. News stories are posted, read, reviewed, shared, and the number of views count in the placement of the story amidst the entire volume of news. The community drives the content.

The second thing I'll mention is video. Every site seems to now either host their own user-generated videos or link to YouTube's.

The third thing is the social networks, such as LinkedIn for business networking and MySpace for personal networking.

I'm not sure if the next incarnation of csiworld will include any of these elements or devices. I have some ideas on what I'd like to improve and enhance. Looking for any other suggestions "the community" may offer.

If anyone has any fresh ideas for new content, please post a comment below.

FYI, this is our 100th post!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Did your company visit Call Center Demo in Miami?

If your company did attend, chances were you received a contest card at our booth. Our "Start Small Think Big" contest gave away Starbucks cards, Itunes gift cards, and the grand prize was a 30gb video iPod. The winners' list is now available by emailing our marketing team.

The promotion was designed to bring trade show traffic back to our website, and we received a great traffic boost in March because of it.

The "Start Small Think Big" contest drove traffic to two case studies:

- How Maverik, Inc. was able to implement a VoIP logger at an aggressively low cost of ownership, with plans to completely automate their quality assurance processes.

- How Results-Tel started by logging 500 agents with our full range of QA features, and quickly scaled to 1000 agents (with more to come).

We're currently seeking more events and venues to exhibit at. We know all of the big shows. If you know any vertical shows in the following areas, please leave a comment below or give us a call at 860-289-2151:

- healthcare
- banking / financial services
- ecommerce / retail / catalog
- call center services

Thursday, April 05, 2007

What's the biggest benefit of CTI integration with call recording?

We asked this question to our panel of experts and again we were able to gather a few very strong answers. Please comment if you have a definitive view on which of these benefits is more valuable to your call center.

* Integrating CTI with call recording provides the ability to perform "cradle to grave" recording - meaning if a call is passed internally from extension to extension, the recorded event will include every conversation.

* CTI Integration provides the ability to capture Private Data, Attached Data, or User Data linked from an IVR, ACD etc. This is good for enterprise data capture such as Claim-#, Account-#, Order-#.

* The call recording system gets all of the CTI events stored with a call and gets call start. With all of the CTI events stored with a call, you can see when a call goes on hold and know how many times a call was placed on hold, etc.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Looking for a customer care position?

CSI is actively seeking customer support reps to join our professional support team.

Positions are available for Customer Support Representatives. We are looking for individuals with solid business-to-business customer service experience in a high-tech environment. Required skills include a working knowledge of windows-based software and operating system usage. Call Center training experience is a plus.

This exciting position will involve responding to and managing support calls, managing customer projects, training and onsite implementations.

These positions are located in our corporate office in East Hartford, CT. Interested candidates can fill out our employment inquiry form.

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