Tuesday, March 20, 2018

8 ways your Contact Center Can Reduce Customer Effort

- FAQs:
Add a frequently asked questions page on your website as part of a self-service initiative. Customers can reduce effort by quickly searching and finding the answers to their questions. Often better than IVR hell.

- Direct Dial #s:
Giving customers access to contact their agents directly can save a few steps.

- Be active on multiple channels:
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Webchat, SMS. It's more than just audio and your customers will appreciate the availability and a quick acknowledgement and response.

-- Team Building:
One important aspect to express in your company is teamwork. The agents should be encouraged to share ideas and experiences, good or bad, on different ways they were able to reduce customer effort.

- Trends:
Develop an ongoing cycle of agent and customer feedback and use your business intelligence tools to analyze trends.

- Training:
Explain how you define customer effort and what is expected from your agents.

- Proofing:
It is important to maintain a low rate of call backs from the customer you are contacting. Make sure quality, spelling, grammar and dates are correct.

- Metrics:
Measure and improve customer effort. A workforce optimization solution such as Virtual Observer provides tools and reports to track customer effort and allow for continuous improvement.

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