Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Right Approach to Workforce Management

When we decided to incorporate WFM into our suite of offerings, alongside Call Recording, Screen Capture, Evaluation, Dashboards, Speech Analytics, Agent Portal and Desktop Analytics, we wanted to make sure we got it right, in terms of making sure the solution is "right-sized" in terms of enterprise capability, multi-location scalability and overall value and affordability.

A three-year investigative process has resulted in Virtual Observer Community Workforce Management, which is a proven solution which stands proudly alongside more expensive legacy wfm systems.

Enterprise WFM is a critical need in today's multi-channel, multi-environment workplace.

Contact centers need to be able to confidently place the right skills in the right spots at the right moments.

Virtual Observer Community WFM is a web-based, game-changing workforce management and analysis tool which can be rolled out for a cost-of-ownership which is not typically found in this space.

Read more about this release in Virtual Strategy magazine.

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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Automating PCI Compliance with Desktop Analytics

We're pleased to introduces Virtual Observer Desktop Analytics to help customers automate PCI compliance.

This new functionality reduces task complexity and frees up IT resources for other needs.

This works by using the Desktop Analytics feature to capture a customer's processes where they input credit card information (in a CRM, or an order entry system, for example).

Once this process is logged, the system will be able to trigger Virtual Observer to be able to stop recording once the process is initiated, and to resume recording once the agent ends that particular task.

Virtual Observer Desktop Analytics works with the LightsOut! API to achieve this process.

Desktop Analytics is a technology which connects, captures and automates desktop activities and tasks. The feature is gaining acceptance as a critical component in most workforce optimization suites, providing insight into customer interactions throughout the enterprise.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Power to the people: Agent Portal for Virtual Observer 4.0

Placing the quality monitoring process directly in the hands of your agents, essentially providing them with their own accountability, exposure of peer performance, and the ability for them to reach out for help when neccessary, can benefit the overall performance of your contact center in a way a simple, flawed negative scores will never do.

Check out the news release or the Agent Portal webpage itself for more on this exciting new workforce optimization feature.

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