Wednesday, November 18, 2015

4 Power Apps to Manage Your Customer Experience Objectives

There are many productivity apps available on the Android or Apple marketplaces which can help
streamline a contact center supervisor's workday and even work in conjunction with the various technologies used to keep track of various customer experience strategies and objectives.

Evernote is an incredible tool which can be used for storing customer experience stories found on the web, collaborating with co-workers. You can setup a free account and use it on a PC, tablet or smartphone. All of your information is synced across all devices. You can even use it as a universal clipboard for easy pasting of common email replies, web chat responses, etc.

Pinterest is a wonderful service for capturing compelling customer experience visuals and thoughts. Search the app for "customer experience" and then pin the results for later reading, sharing or repurposing. Print new posters from the infographics which will help inspire, motivate and challenge your team.

IFTTT allows you to save steps and do more by connecting "channels". For example, you can connect your "Pinterest" and "Gmail" channels to enable an email to be generated every time there is a new "customer experience" pin found. You could also connect a "YouTube" channel with "Evernote" to save any videos tagges with "customer experience" to an Evernote folder of the same name in your account. Have some fun with this one!

Wunderlist is an easy-to-use task management app with sharing, sub-tasks and more built right in. Google Calendar syncing is built right in for syncing tasks within your calendar. Outlook compatibility is inevitable as Microsoft just bought this beautiful app. It's definitely worth tasking up all your customer experience intiatives and adding them to your timeline of goals.

Monday, August 03, 2015

5 tips to help raise contact center agent motivation

  1. Introduce your agents to what you're trying to do with your speech analytics technology - discover keyword phrases which indicate trends. They may be able to help you develop your list of phrases to look for. What a sense of pride it will give them to contribute in this manner!
  2. Allow free access to social networks and encourage agents to participate in company posts and train them in best practices for responding to social customer service. Cross-train them to handle emails, texts, tweets, etc. as everything does point to an omni-channel future.
  3. Investigate what's available in rewards options from management. The incentives/rewards process always seems to yield additional motivations.
  4. Let your marketing team have some fun with the agents. They can shoot photos and videos for promotional purposes.
  5. Allow agents to develop mock calls that incorporate web cam usage and appropriate handling of customer situations.  This can inevitably be used to enhance agent performance as well as for training new hires.
    Read then full blog post for
    additional ways to supercharge your contact center agents!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Onsite training for workforce optimization success story

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When we go out on the road to provide onsite training for Virtual Observer, we always try to leave with constructive feedback from our customers.
New CSI customer Butler County, Ohio, an Avaya call recording and workforce optimization project, provided such feedback on our onsite training sessions and overall implementation.
"From the very start, CSI has been extremely responsive to our needs, and provided unmatched support throughout the procurement and implementation phases. Virtual Observer has been extremely easy for all of our users to understand and begin utilizing immediately. We were extremely impressed with CSI's delivery of training and their professionalism. The trainer was incredibly punctual and well prepared. CSI effectively delivered the Virtual Observer training across many different learning styles. Not only did they answer every single question with precision, they were able to calm any user concerns by making necessary adjustments on the spot."
Continue reading this Avaya success story on our website.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Achieve more complete call monitoring with webcams

Webcam recording and monitoring can have tremendous benefits on your contact center quality monitoring initiatives.

Webcam monitoring can help your supervisors learn where there needs to be improvement. Supervisors will also be able to study why performance may be better with certain agents: why some agents are able to handle a higher call volume than other agents. Supervisors can review webcam recording to better understand what was taking place during the customer’s experience. 
Here are a few sample questions which may be answered through agent webcam recording and monitoring:
- Why was there was an extended hold time?
- Why did the customer have such an irate reaction?
- Why has the agent been scoring decidedly worse over the last week?

Read more about these performance benefits, as well as organizational and compliance benefits realized from agent webcam recording and monitoring

Monday, March 02, 2015

An Agent Portal can be a tremendous supervisor asset

CSI's workforce optimization solution offers a differentiating feature suite called the Agent Portal.
The Virtual Observer Agent Portal allows an agent to access their own recordings and evaluations at the tip of their fingers.  The feature's benefits are not exclusive to the Agent, however, as utilizing the portal in a contact center environment is also very beneficial to the supervisors as well. 
Typically, supervisors will find that they spend lengthy periods of time meeting with agents to review calls and performance.
Agent Portal helps make this task much easier, as it allows the supervisor to post an agent review that will automatically be sent to the portal.

Read the full blog post to find out why supervisors are enjoying the benefits of our Agent Portal.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Personalize your WFO experience

Don’t we all love having the freedom for individuality and truly making something our own? Our Virtual Observer web interface allows you to do just that through our options for account personalization. The interface allows our customers to truly customize what they see on their screen.
The ‘My Account’ feature of within the user interface of our workforce optimization software allows for users to input their information, such as their name, so that each time they log into the application they will be greeted with a tool bar that displays their personal name rather than the same old Windows Login Name. Through the ‘My Account’ feature, a user also has a variety of different layouts they can choose from. Whether you are looking to keep it simple with an Outlook layout or if you want to spice it up a bit with a sweet Facebook layout, that choice, my friends, is all up to you.
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