Monday, August 03, 2015

5 tips to help raise contact center agent motivation

  1. Introduce your agents to what you're trying to do with your speech analytics technology - discover keyword phrases which indicate trends. They may be able to help you develop your list of phrases to look for. What a sense of pride it will give them to contribute in this manner!
  2. Allow free access to social networks and encourage agents to participate in company posts and train them in best practices for responding to social customer service. Cross-train them to handle emails, texts, tweets, etc. as everything does point to an omni-channel future.
  3. Investigate what's available in rewards options from management. The incentives/rewards process always seems to yield additional motivations.
  4. Let your marketing team have some fun with the agents. They can shoot photos and videos for promotional purposes.
  5. Allow agents to develop mock calls that incorporate web cam usage and appropriate handling of customer situations.  This can inevitably be used to enhance agent performance as well as for training new hires.
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    additional ways to supercharge your contact center agents!

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