Thursday, December 18, 2014

North Pole implements VO Community Workforce Management software to ensure elf work schedule is optimized as toy production scales up for Christmas.

The right elves in the right seats at the right time

Manufacturing toys has evolved from simple wooden assemblies to sophisticated electronics and robotic creations. 
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With the world’s growth rate skyrocketing, the need for highly trained, multi-skilled elves has increased, as well as remote assembly facilities.

The scheduling and training of these elves was always handled by Mrs. Claus, who was never much for technology.

Recent lapses in toy quality, delivery cycle times, and unexpected staffing costs have changed her mind, however.

She began investigating workforce management technologies and selected Virtual Observer Community Workforce Management, which offered real-time agent adherence and onsite training professional services.

“Hands down, my number one concern was ease of use, price, and scalability. This solution was an easy selection. The elves also enjoy being able to bid on shifts on their little smartphones,” she said.

Toy manufacturing aside, Mrs. Claus also implemented the system in the North Pole’s call center, where calls and letters from children attempting to submit their wish list or to get off the naughty list have been quadrupled by web chats, SMS messages, and emails.

Now, the call center elves have to be trained for a multitude of support channels, and she has to make sure the center is staffed properly at all times to handle every kind of request.

“Thankfully, Virtual Observer Community takes the multi-channel factoring into consideration,” she added. “Call center elf performance has surpassed all of our goals for customer care.”

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