Monday, July 16, 2012

5 critical benefits an IT team looks for in a call monitoring system

It's important for a call monitoring system to offer a bulletproof implementation, especially for an enterprise's IT team, who are looking for these kind of items to be a check-off, rather than a wish list item.

Here is a quick list of what we see as being important IT check offs:

* Virtualization: Any robust call monitoring solution will support virtual servers. CSI currently supports VMware, Citrix, Microsoft VM, and others. In an active recording environment (no audio recording board hardware) it's awesome to be able to slice off a VM and add a branch center to a centralized recording environment.

* Scalability: Contact center monitoring systems should be designed from the ground up to be extremely scalable and enterprise-ready, especially in terms of supporting multi-site/multi-country installations. Organizations should be able to quickly add recording as needed. Systems should be able to scale to seasonal spikes as well.

* Security: We were actually one of the first recording vendors to automatically encrypt all recorded media via 256-bit encryption. We've evolved with PCI standards and continue to offer enhancements which bolster system security even more. Administrators can control access and permissions down to the button level. Many companies utilize different levels of assessment and only the most locked down systems will be able to pass all assessments. CSI hasn't failed an assessment yet.

* Implementation and Support: We've got experience - enough (40 years) to know that being responsive and thorough is important to those using our system. There's a reason we have 95% customer retention over such a long period of time. We use a support ticketing system which ensures timely response and customer updates as issues progress. Many companies are choosing remote training, which saves on costs. We'll still come onsite, of course. We also always answer the telephone, which goes a long way.

* IT footprint: Keeping the IT costs down is huge. Many of the above-mentioned bullet points, especially virtualization, contribute to a smaller IT footprint. Having a web-based interface is huge, meaning any authorized user with access to a web browser can log in and use the system, from any location. We've also seen more and more active recording implementations, where the recorder integrates directly with the switch. This helps to flatten IT costs as well.

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  1. Call Monitoring, Agent monitoring, Desktop monitoring are the new way and I would say are one of the key benefits of Call monitoring as well.

    In the call center of a very large bank, one CIO told us, "I never realized how little we knew about what our agents actually did". 24 x 7 Desktop Analytics measures performance where your biggest cost is - at the Desktop;


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