Monday, July 23, 2012

Elements required for a speedy call monitoring implementation

The implementation of a call monitoring solution is a task which every call center faces, whether they are a startup with a smaller center or a multinational enterprise adding branch locations.

Once the right solution has been selected, there are a number of steps which must be followed to ensure a successful implementation. 

Throughout the process, it’s essential to keep open and ongoing communication between all teams. 

Project managers, IT and telecom staff all need to be working off the same project plan, with defined roles and responsibilities.

While vendors often request open VPN access, security concerns often make companies reluctant to provide full access whenever needed during a remote installation. 

While onsite training is always recommended, remote installations are often preferred because of the speed which they can be turned around and because of the travel expenses saved.

Still, as efficient as a remote install can be, the tools used and the team involved from both parties are essential.

"Remote access tools, web collaboration and presentation products are great but they are not sufficient enough to expedite the build. 

There is no substitute for an ‘always available’ remote connectivity method during the implementation process.

It is certainly understandable why VPNs are not always granted on an open basis, but access over the VPN should be made available if at all possible during specific times required for installation.

Enterprises seem to be receptive to this request, even as more and more stringent lockdown procedures are added to the mix for security purposes.

“Enterprises understand the need for an efficient, no-nonsense, temporary VPN authorization. We can surely accommodate web based remote connectivity options after the implementation is complete, but they are not conducive to expedited build processes, when they require someone to be on the other side,” added Blake St. John, CSI Project Manager.

"IT people want to reduce their footprint, and save on time and money. It’s amazing how quickly a system can be implemented, especially if the server is virtual. More and more IT teams are requesting virtual servers, which we can accommodate in most environments. They also want very granular security, and we've been a leader in providing bulletproof call monitoring solutions. It’s a great combination - ask, and if possible, you shall receive!" St. John added.

With a healthy collaboration, VPN access and peace-of-mind security, a rapid and successful implementation is achievable.
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