Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Top 10 Benefits of Real-Time Dashboard Analytics for Contact Centers

The Dashboard Analytics feature set available in Virtual Observer 4.0 has many benefits for today's busy contact center:
  1. Gain real-time contact center performance snapshots and insight into emerging trends 
  2. Keep all vital information on one screen rather than having to switch through multiple screens
  3. Focus on high level results and drill down as needed through multiple levels
  4. Detect patterns across multiple dashboard components
  5. Find inefficiencies in agent skill sets and create targeted training programs to improve the overall performance
  6. Generate trending reports to provide evaluation feedback by day, week, month, quarter, year, etc.
  7. Identify actionable changes required in your scoring process
  8. Measure your agents against standard scores with attainment reports
  9. Focus in on specifc agents or questions to uncover agent weaknesses or discover your next superstars-in-training
  10. Compare peers, groups or departments to see the collective gaps and performance gains
When asked by Customer Interaction Solutions about analytics, Coordinated Systems, Inc., was eager to speak to changes happening in the industry as well as some of the enhanced dashboard analytics released in their web-based Virtual Observer 4.0 call recording and quality monitoring solution.

Here are some excerpts from the discussion:

Customer Interaction Solutions: What business needs deliverable via contact centers are you seeing a growing demand for i.e. (a) knowledge management, (b) operational efficiencies, (c) multichannel management, (d) increasing self-service success rates, (e) customer retention and (f) sales/collections performance that you are seeing more of and why?

CSI: All of the above are important, but the one I've seen emerging as an in-demand request are for tools which focus on the customer experience (retention). It’s more and more vital to retain your current base versus spending tremendous monies chasing new business…there's an old adage there somewhere. Multichannel especially social media has gotten a lot of press these days. We haven’t really seen any requests for incorporating Twitter or Facebook (News - Alert) streams as scorable, recordable data points. On the other hand web chat has really seen an uptick. One of our customers, a large expo producer, has noticed a large percentage (20 percent) of customer traffic now flowing through that channel. I also surveyed our customers and a good number of them can see a point where web chats will exist alongside recorded calls, screens and e-mails.

Customer Interaction Solutions: Customer interaction channels: such as contact center live agents, self-service, social media and others such as retail have been housed in silos, making difficult to obtain 360-degree insights from via the information they collect on which to perform analytics. Are these channels beginning to break down or are they still locked in? Are firms getting it that they must rip apart these walls? What strategies do you recommend in response?

CSI: It's becoming more and more apparent that the applications we use today and in the future will be required to offer an API for easy access to data. Even beyond that, the app engineers will need to make it WYSIWYG so the data becomes accessible to any business analyst or application who needs it. With strict privacy controls in place, this should be fairly simple to pull off. It's kind of like when Facebook asks you to give permission to an app – you’re essentially a user who is allowing an app to have access to your data (and your friends’ data - yikes!). I can envision a social network of business applications...apps that are pre-authorized to access each other's data.

Customer Interaction Solutions: Firms appear to be more so in an "I-want-it-yesterday" mode when it comes to information, intelligence and insight. Are you seeing this and what are the drivers?

CSI: This is most definitely the case. We're now fashioning our performance reporting data as real-time, multi-level widgets which can be inserted into any users’ custom dashboard environment. The main drivers for this would be a need for speed in all areas of business analytics. The faster you get your data, the faster you can analyze it and make decisions based on it. We’ve equipped Virtual Observer version 4 to offer a wide range of dashboard analytics to meet this demand.
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