Tuesday, February 02, 2016

New Alliance Brings Powerful WFO Capabilities to Skype for Business Contact Center Space

CSI is excited to announce details of an integration of the Virtual Observer Workforce Optimization suite with Clarity Connect, the leading Contact Center suite for Microsoft Skype for Business.
Clarity Connect is a full featured web-based contact center native to Skype for Business. This means Clarity Connect adds the missing functionality without duplicating or complicating the infrastructure or call control. Clarity Connect steps in and adds intelligence to the conversations needed regardless of modality to deliver the best customer experience on the market. Intelligent IVR, Skills Based Routing, Real-Time metrics, historical reports and more go into this first of its kind approach to a contact center for a true collaboration platform.
Virtual Observer enables contact centers with a wide range of features to improve employee performance and acquire a true Voice of the Customer. Together, the integrated offering will allow both Clarity Connect and CSI to deliver a complete and robust overall contact center solution to new and existing customers with full WFO functionality

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

4 Power Apps to Manage Your Customer Experience Objectives

There are many productivity apps available on the Android or Apple marketplaces which can help
streamline a contact center supervisor's workday and even work in conjunction with the various technologies used to keep track of various customer experience strategies and objectives.

Evernote is an incredible tool which can be used for storing customer experience stories found on the web, collaborating with co-workers. You can setup a free account and use it on a PC, tablet or smartphone. All of your information is synced across all devices. You can even use it as a universal clipboard for easy pasting of common email replies, web chat responses, etc.

Pinterest is a wonderful service for capturing compelling customer experience visuals and thoughts. Search the app for "customer experience" and then pin the results for later reading, sharing or repurposing. Print new posters from the infographics which will help inspire, motivate and challenge your team.

IFTTT allows you to save steps and do more by connecting "channels". For example, you can connect your "Pinterest" and "Gmail" channels to enable an email to be generated every time there is a new "customer experience" pin found. You could also connect a "YouTube" channel with "Evernote" to save any videos tagges with "customer experience" to an Evernote folder of the same name in your account. Have some fun with this one!

Wunderlist is an easy-to-use task management app with sharing, sub-tasks and more built right in. Google Calendar syncing is built right in for syncing tasks within your calendar. Outlook compatibility is inevitable as Microsoft just bought this beautiful app. It's definitely worth tasking up all your customer experience intiatives and adding them to your timeline of goals.

Monday, August 03, 2015

5 tips to help raise contact center agent motivation

  1. Introduce your agents to what you're trying to do with your speech analytics technology - discover keyword phrases which indicate trends. They may be able to help you develop your list of phrases to look for. What a sense of pride it will give them to contribute in this manner!
  2. Allow free access to social networks and encourage agents to participate in company posts and train them in best practices for responding to social customer service. Cross-train them to handle emails, texts, tweets, etc. as everything does point to an omni-channel future.
  3. Investigate what's available in rewards options from management. The incentives/rewards process always seems to yield additional motivations.
  4. Let your marketing team have some fun with the agents. They can shoot photos and videos for promotional purposes.
  5. Allow agents to develop mock calls that incorporate web cam usage and appropriate handling of customer situations.  This can inevitably be used to enhance agent performance as well as for training new hires.
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    additional ways to supercharge your contact center agents!