Thursday, April 03, 2014

It's a multi-channel world. How many ways can you reach CSI?

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There are many different ways to connect with us here at CSI.

Among them:

Our LinkedIn page is a great introduction to CSI and our capabilities. It's a good way to reach call center professionals and telecom industry people as well. We do quite a bit of recruiting with LinkedIn, obviously, and it's also been a great source of brand exposure.We'll be looking to post more updates in particular on LinkedIn relative to career opportunities, strategic alliances and more.
Who we're connected with: Customers, Partners, Industry Experts

Read by customers, partners, employees & external news outlets. Serves also as an email subscription-based newsletter. Virtual Observations

Our place in the twitterverse is a growing one! Come follow us:
Who follows us: Customers, Partners, Employees, External News Outlets, Industry Experts

PHONE: We'll always answer your call.

Read the complete list of contact methods on CSI offers a multi-channel means of connecting with us
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Monday, March 17, 2014

Eleven steps to a winning WFO implementation

This is an excerpt from our partner blog, where we list out 11 top steps in successful project management and implementations. Written specifically for workforce optimization, but they probably apply across many technologies:
* Ensure that a primary contact from each functional group is actively involved from the beginning. Stakeholders and the application owner should be clearly defined. Typically, a representative from the telephony/business partner is involved in the project plan.
Address security and remote access concerns, NDAs, etc. at kickoff time. Remote access is a critical path item.
* Track responsibilities for milestones and tasks. We deliver project timeline spreadsheets which are updated and delivered to stakeholders on regular intervals. Past due tasks are managed through completion.

Please read the rest of the list and more from our new "Partner Pulse" blog.
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Top 5 reasons you'll love our User Interface...

    1) Virtual Observer’s (VO) Web-based user interface is cleaner, modern and extremely easy to use, while maintaining predictive navigation and familiarity for users of the previous version. Users take to it extremely quickly. Virtual Observer Agent Portal
    2) VO’s latest version is equipped with Dashboard Reporting, including many pre-loaded widgets which present Average Handle Time, Employee Performance Reports, First Call Resolution data and more, in real-time drill-down charts.
    Please continue onto the new Virtual Observations to read the complete list of "5 reasons to love our fresh, updated WFO user interface"...
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