Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Virtual Observer Call Recording Solution Now Rated Avaya Compliant

The Virtual Observer call recording and quality monitoring application is now compatible with key Avaya call center and IP telephony solutions (including DMCC/CMAPI)

We're pleased to announce today that Virtual Observer (VO) is now compliant with all call center telephony solutions from Avaya, a leading global provider of business communications applications, systems and services.

VO is compliance-tested by Avaya for compatibility with Avaya Communication Manager 5.0 and Avaya Application Enablement Services R4.1. VO will now be able to offer DMCC (CMAPI) call recording -- recording through direct integration to the Avaya system, across multiple locations.

CSI has been delivering bulletproof call recording solutions for the Avaya Platform for many years, including implementations sold through their partners. The CSI partner channel continues to grow through strategic alignment with Avaya Platinum Business Partners.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Call Recording should be a one-time purchase

Why should call recording be a one-time purchase?

The initial selection of a call recording vendor typically entails quite a bit of work:

1) research and identification of requirements

2) market comparison of industry vendors

3) due diligence

If the relationship is maintained properly, the customer should never have to go through those steps again. The selected call recording vendor should be able to provide exemplary service, seamless transitions through evolving phone system technologies, consistent introduction of value-added enhancements, and an extremely high value to price.

Let's dispel some myths relative to the purchase of a call recording solution:

- Upgrade paths do not need to be a complete call recording rebuy
Updates and full upgrades/point releases should be included as part of your maintenance program. New features should be added continually as part of a valuable product evolution, rather than to save for the next big release with a hefty upgrade price tag.

Upgrading to VoIP shouldn’t require a entirely new call recording system
- At most, the recording methodologies may change, but you shouldn’t need to purchase an entire new solution. - VoIP recording systems use either Packet Sniffers or API connections with the phone system itself.

Implementing a new phone system should not necessitate a new call recording solution
- Many call recording methodologies interact with different phone systems in the same manner using the same equipment. - Direct API recording would require a different connector dependent on which phone system you have.
- You may be changing phone systems, but you’ll still be using the same core software solution.

The bottom line is you shouldn't have to rebuy your entire call recording solution every time your environment changes.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Use Screen Capture to Improve Agent Performance

Virtual Observer's Screen Capture functionality is more than a "big brother" feature. It is an extremely powerful training tool which can help to identify where your call center agents are making crucial mistakes in navigating your CRM applications. Watching recorded screen activity (which should be synchronized with the audio recording) during the evaluation process allows you to properly evaluate the entire interaction from start to finish, across all media.

Virtual Observers's Screen Capture feature creates a true full-motion video. The video is a smooth, real time capture of your MS-Windows desktop environment, including dual-monitor environments.

Additional Benefits:
- Reduce Call Wrap-Up by improving CRM process flow
- Produce "New Hire" Training Materials which include recorded screen activity
- Include Screen Recordings in Content Deliverables and e-Learning

One of our more recent feature releases, "VO Live", also offers real-time viewing of agent screen activity in a thumbnail view. Supervisors can watch everyone's screens at the same time, enlarge and take control of an agents' screens, and chat with an agent to assist them.

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