Monday, April 15, 2013

Experience, Synergy and Integration Provides Virtual Observer Community WFM with an Advantage

Workforce Management Software Group (WFMSG), fresh off exhibiting at the Software for Planning Professionals (SWPP) annual conference last week, and Cooordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI) are two call center technology firms who both have accomplished much in their respective spaces, now working together to deliver an incredibly mature workforce management solution, Virtual Observer Community WFM.

Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI), a veteran-owned technology company, was started in 1972 and continues to thrive, innovate and disrupt the contact center space with their bundled, scalable workforce optimization solution, Virtual Observer (VO).

Back In 1995, WFMSG launched their first consultancy, which was dedicated exclusively to WFM systems and practices. They offered a wide range of services, including acquisition support, deployment, and optimization services across all product lines. WFMSG was a recognized “Best Practices” leader and they were also regarded as highly reputable industry speakers.

The result of their strategic partnership, Virtual Observer Community WFM boasts a very easy-to-use and sophisticated user interface and is deeply integrated within the Virtual Observer (VO) workforce optimization. “We’re bringing an array of integrated features which differentiate us from less mature workforce management (wfm) applications in the marketplace. From right in the main VO interface, a supervisor can glance at agent adherence levels, make scheduling inquiries, view forecasts and more. From within our Agent Portal, agents can view their schedules, request shift swaps and more. The VO Community WFM solution offers the most robust set of wfm features on the market – and they’re all bundled together in the core workforce management package,” added Marcia. “The strength and maturity of the integrated VO Community WFM solution is a direct result of the combined histories and hard work of both CSI and WFMSG.”

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