Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Announcing Reliable Call Recording for Shoretel

Shoretel is an emerging player in the VoIP phone system market.

We've heard from quite a number of Shoretel customers who have stated that the existing call recording systems available for Shoretel are not getting the job done.

Based on the market's demand for a reliable, robust call recording system for Shoretel phone systems, we are pleased to announce that we have a Shoretel Logger which is ready-to-implement today and we are committed to having a fully integrated Virtual Observer Professional (with quality assurance features) with Shoretel compatibility released by Q2 2008.

Virtual Observer Professional for Shoretel is a call logger with robust quality monitoring features: Evaluation, Performance Reporting, E-Learning, Screen Capture, Supervisor-Agent Chat, and much more.

Businesses can implement the Shoretel Logger today and turn on the quality monitoring features when they become available.

The system is modular, so they will be able to start small and think big, which is important to us.

We want all customers to be able to buy the right system for their requirements, and be able to add functionality as needed.

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