Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Featured Resource: IP Telephony, VoIP and Broadband blog from ZDnet

There is always good stuff to read on this VoIP blog, written by Russell Shaw. Recently they've been recapping the year's most popular posts, which include "a VoIP provider flames out", detailing the sudden shut-down of VoIP provider SunRocket, leaving 200,000+ subscribers in the lurch.

Another popular posting helped stage a serious turnaround in Sprint policy regarding soldiers and cell phone roaming charges. Read more about "Sprint spits on our fighting men and women".

"CompUSA is closing for good. Good" was able to draw over 90 comments, as people ranted about the departure of the retail computer chain.

ZDnet overall has been a player in the technology news and content world since the very beginning, springing from the print world, like so many other online portals have, like TMCnet, which is from the publishers of "Customer Interaction Solutions" as well as other telecom publications.

We'll feature more online news resources in the future. A recommended method of filtering all of the news sources you'll encounter is to grab the RSS feed from them and add them to your RSS reader. Personally, I find Google Reader to be the easiest to use.

Here's the link to the RSS feed for the IP Telephony, VoIP and Broadband Blog from ZDnet.

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