Thursday, August 07, 2008

Leading pharmacy claims management company selects Virtual Observer for Cisco call recording

We are pleased to announce that eRx Network, LLC, located in Asheville, NC has selected CSI’s Virtual Observer for call recording and quality monitoring.

eRx Network, LLC has a Cisco VoIP phone system and will be using the Virtual Observer Professional Logging Edition to capture all calls and to automate their contact center's quality initiatives.

"We received positive feedback from existing CSI customers, but ultimately, our decision was based on value. We felt that the features and functionality that VO had to offer as well as the relatively low cost of ownership were more in line with our company’s needs. In addition, we felt that the associated ongoing costs would allow us to scale the product as our company and customer service organization grew."
- Joseph Balcken, Director, Customer Service, eRx Network

eRx Network is a leading provider of third-party claims management and analysis services, Medicare and Medicaid DME billing services, and electronic prescribing services to the retail pharmacy industry. eRx solutions provide their customers the tools necessary for improving their profitability, efficiency, and accuracy.

eRx Network's success lies in the exceptional service, innovative technology, and industry expertise offered to customers, ensuring e-commerce products, billing services, data center solutions, and network infrastructure are designed to meet the evolving needs of a complex industry.

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