Friday, July 13, 2007

A search for the environment friendly call center, part one

Although many in the media have claimed that the energy bill and transportation costs for putting on a concert the scale of Live Earth outweighs any potential global change, I have to admit the concert and it's many interwoven global warming short films have made an impression - on at least a personal level. That's where it starts.

10 million people watched the concert on the Internet, the largest internet streaming event ever - and if 5% of viewers were impacted the same way, the exponential effects should be great.

Here are some additional resources relative to climate change:

Measure your personal impact on climate change

100% Solar Powered Data Center

Are there any solar powered call centers out there?

What can be done to make your call center more environmentally effective?

We will search the internet for any sign of green call centers and report back here with the results. We'll also compile a list of things call centers can do to become more environmentally friendly.

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