Tuesday, August 02, 2005

CRM company directory

We're going to be building a directory of CRM companies that will be a simple guide. A Google search would normally uncover loads of irrelevant sites, and our list will be pure CRM. Here's a preview of our CRM Directory:

CRM Solutions - Salesforce.com
I've used SalesForce.com and it is an incredible display of using the power of the web to provide an easy to use, affordable, server side solution



We used to use ACT! back in the day. Synching was a nightmare, everyone had copies of ACT! installed on their PCs and then in order to share the latest data, you had to synchronize across your nightmare. Have to check them out and see if they're web based yet -- they'd better be!






Microsoft CRM
This solution was a nightmare. It was clunky, confusing and as of Spring 2005, there was no easy to use search functionality. If you did not spend thousands of dollars extending and customizing, it would be unusable. Of course, Microsoft will probably smarten up and make it web based and superior at some point.

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