Thursday, July 28, 2005

Call Center Phone Surveys... people really answer them? I took a quick informal poll of some colleagues and it seemed like the prevailing answer was "no". Other responses included:

- When I am really upset or extremely happy
- If I have time
- If I admire the company

Many call centers employ these interactive surveys in order to gather user data and gain some information about their own services and products. I searched the web for "call center survey software" and found the following company URLS

- VOXCO - The world-class specialist in survey software and ...

- Survey software, online survey software - Confirmit

- EasyIVR Automated Phone Survey Applications using IVR Survey ...

- Automated Phone Survey Software and IVR Survey Systems and Service

These software companies have not been reviewed and are not endorsed, but come up high in a relevancy search.

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