Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Workforce Optimization Software

One market segment that is gaining increasing visibility and importance in the call center world is the workforce optimization software industry.

"Workforce optimization" is defined as a process implementation that enhances, measures, tracks, and reports individual and group performance relative to established performance targets.

I've researched some of the top Workforce Optimization search results on Google. Here are some of the companies that show up in the top 100. This blog is not advocating any particular companies - but we'd be interested in hearing your comments on any of these or any other companies you've run into:

Blue Pumpkin Software, Inc. Provides workforce management, forecasting, planning, and employee scheduling solutions.

Circadian Technologies - Optimizing the 24/7 workforce via schueduling and training. Shift work schedules and lifestyle education to minimize risk and decrease costs.

IEX Corporation - Workforce Management and Performance Optimization Software solutions for call centers, telecommunications carriers and private networks operators.

GMT - Workforce Management Software

Ptel Inc - Call Center and Workforce Optimization Solutions

Exametric, Inc. - Workforce Management and Optimization Software

Kronos - Workforce Optimization

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