Friday, August 03, 2007

Updated List of CRM Companies

We posted a list of CRM companies that came up in Google searches in 2005 and we are now updating that list in order to include the new landscape of Web 2.0 companies as well. This list is in alphabetical order:

absoluteBUSY’s fast and simple services allow employees to effectively share a database, while always being up-to-date.

Being the most awarded hosted CRM software, Aplicor’s services focus on the ease of use and the fact that they have the highest user count in the country.

Created for small and medium businesses, Atalvo’s CRM service is easy to use, install, and their quickly responsive team is a positive.

Auric Technology
Offering a free IT service, Auric’s CRM service is housed and maintained by them and is incredibly easy to utilize.

Fit for big business automation, this program has a low cost for a lot. It is integrated with Microsoft Outlook, OWA, Exchange, and Quickbooks. Using a single user sign-on, BizAutomation includes CRM and ERP in their service.

ClearCRM offers an easy to use, easy to configure systems that gives you full control and security. It also features sending e-mail notifications when certain events occur within a company to keep you updated.

This program offers a customizable, easy to use, web distributed, built-in web-based e-mail form of CRM. You pay per user every month and receive 24/7 support and a free installation.

Dovarri’s CRM system possesses a speedy installation with no tedious customizations or expensive support. Also, over 80% of their customers reported that they learned the program in about an hour.

entellium’s services not only include the software, but also free support, a 99.7% guaranteed uptime, and an IT friendly program.

Boasting the 1 million contacts being managed, Highrise features tracking such content as contacts, communication history, leads, vendors, and more.

infusion CRM
infusion CRM offers unlimited support, anytime/anywhere access, tier 4 data hosting, and monthly upgrades with their services.

iport4business’s customer relationship management service can be connected directly to an underlying software system and delivers the exact functionality that is necessary for users.

netXtra gives customers a free callback service along with their CRM program that is suited for multiple office companies. It is fully customizable and easily integrated with e-mail, too.

Rapid Signal
This CRM program comes equipped with scheduling, contact management, sales automation, product management, issue tracking, and reporting. It runs on most major platforms such as Windows and Unix/Linux.

Really Simple Systems
Offering a full functionality with no installation and maintenance, Really Simple Systems backs up information every night and allows consumers to access data anywhere/anytime.

Sage CRM Solutions
This program comes with a fixed monthly price and no additional cost for any sort of upgrade. Users can be added whenever desired, and it is completely customizable.

With their user friendly program at an affordable cost, SalesBoom’s CRM service can be easily distributed across any company in real time.

Salesforce provides a no software service that features point-and-click customization, capabilities of international use, proven integration, and more. Having over 32,300 customers with 625 applications in 14 different countries, 97% of Salesforce's customers report being satisfied with their program.

Sales Junction
Sales Junction’s CRM program focuses on the consumer because of its user-friendly characteristics, customizable settings, and its design and pricing for any size company.

Salespro CRM
Salespro has over 3000 companies in 20 different countries using their product. The user friendly service does not require any installation, which reduces the learning curve greatly.

Zoho CRM
Having the lowest total cost, Zoho provides a service that is extremely easy to use, fully customizable, and prevents any data lockup.

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