Friday, June 22, 2007

Developing call center reps Into achievers

This looks like an interesting news release. It's from, a consulting firm. Here are some sample statistics from their study:

* More than half of companies expect 80%-100% of their call center reps to assume some cross-selling role and responsibility.

* Sixty percent of companies found that most service reps are willing but not ready to sell and have implemented communication and training programs to prepare them for cross-selling.

* Most top-performing service/sales reps -- in 86% of benchmarked companies -- actively listen and probe for unmet needs to convert a service call into a sale.

* Savvy benchmark partners shrink service rep to manager ratios to 10:1 to enable greater coaching and performance management.

Read the full news release:

Call Center Excellence: Developing Service Representatives Into High-Sales Achievers

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