Monday, January 30, 2006

Spoke Software Adds 54 New Customers for On-Demand Information for Lead Generation and Sales Prospecting

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"Tuvox, an enterprise speech applications provider for call centers, also just recently joined the move to on-demand information for sales prospecting. Before selecting Spoke, Tuvox used an outsourcing account profiling firm which proved to be costly and required significant time investments. A more agile and successful marketing and sales process has been possible for Tuvox upon becoming a Spoke network user. Nick Ezzo, marketing manager noted that Spoke made it easy to find the right names, instantly add the contacts into the system and receive the detailed background information the company needs to personalize their marketing efforts."

While many companies regard "on demand web services" as a model for the future, many consider it to be a vital part of doing business today. In call center terms, customer databases could always contain live, real-time updated information. In a predictive dialing scenario, on demand data would ensure a much higher accuracy rate.

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