Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Day-Timers, Inc. selects CSI for call center monitoring

Day-Timers' contact center implements quality assurance solution

Day-Timers, Inc. selects Coordinated Systems, Inc. to provide call center quality assurance and call recording solution.

Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI) , a leading provider of call center quality assurance solutions, proudly announces that Day-Timers, Inc. has selected CSI's Virtual Observer solution. Virtual Observer will be installed in the Lehigh Valley, PA call center and will allow Day-Timers, Inc. the ability to record customer interactions, evaluate the events, deliver relevant training content to employees and generate powerful analytics.

Virtual Observer (VO) is in its 3.0 release, and includes random sample call recording, screen capture and evaluation in the professional version. Day-Timers also opted for the E-learning module, which will be key in accelerating the performance improvement of the call center team. VO will also integrate with SMDR to allow for further data reporting capabilities.

Steve Addy of Day Timers understands the importance of call evaluation and was eager to bring call recording into their call center. After CSI demonstrated the E-learning functionality of Virtual Observer, Steve knew he had to make the decision to purchase a solution. He performed his due diligence and looked at several other call recording vendors, many whom were much more expensive and included many extra features that seemed beyond what was really needed. Read more here...

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