Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CSI brings "WFO as a Service" to the contact center

We're excited to announce the release of Virtual Observer “Workforce Optimization as a Service” for contact centers. The cloud service was developed with an Amazon Web Services infrastructure and services built on Microsoft .NET standards.
Staying true to a persistent streak of breakthrough features, CSI is able to deliver screen capture as well as the innovative VO live screen and webcam monitoring feature as part of the included Virtual Observer “Workforce Optimization as a Service” experience. 
The cloud offering also allows for breakthrough pricing, in an era where traditional on-premise systems are priced for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The efficiencies of the cloud are now making it possible to implement a sophisticated, world class, enterprise-grade solution for a reasonable monthly fee, not unlike the “Salesforce” pricing model with an unprecedented economic advantage and the benefit of never needing to worry about software updates or hardware procurement. The cloud solution’s subscription-based pricing model also works within CSI’s intentions of offering the lowest cost of ownership in the WFO space, presenting an OpEx subscription model rather than a traditional CapEx model.
Virtual Observer WFO-as-a-service provides customers with a robust and scalable web-based solution where the ability to score calls or send targeted training material to staff is inherent. Richard Marcia, marketing director, said of the feature set, “the call recording and call scoring is really where the fun just begins, as you can begin to manage your center’s schedules and forecasts, run advanced query searches against indexed audio to isolate trends, and bring your agents into the quality monitoring process with their own login and the ability to respond to evaluations.”
Virtual Observer supports an entire partner ecosystem of connectors and applications, from Avaya and Cisco telephony integrations, to Salesforce’s API, to complete hosted contact center vendors. “Everything is now possible for our customers, from an end-to-end virtualized, software-only roll out, to custom integrations with their most vital contact center technologies,” Marcia added, noting “the floodgates have now opened, for unlimited, uninterrupted improvement in the contact center.”
Virtual Observer is available through CSI’s channel of strategic business partners. CSI aligns with telephony dealers, managed service providers, hosted VoIP vendors, cloud-based contact center providers, Business process outsourcers, teleservices providers and consultants to deliver a bulletproof WFO experience. Read more about "Workforce Optimization as a Service".

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