Thursday, April 03, 2014

It's a multi-channel world. How many ways can you reach CSI?

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There are many different ways to connect with us here at CSI.

Among them:

Our LinkedIn page is a great introduction to CSI and our capabilities. It's a good way to reach call center professionals and telecom industry people as well. We do quite a bit of recruiting with LinkedIn, obviously, and it's also been a great source of brand exposure.We'll be looking to post more updates in particular on LinkedIn relative to career opportunities, strategic alliances and more.
Who we're connected with: Customers, Partners, Industry Experts

Read by customers, partners, employees & external news outlets. Serves also as an email subscription-based newsletter. Virtual Observations

Our place in the twitterverse is a growing one! Come follow us:
Who follows us: Customers, Partners, Employees, External News Outlets, Industry Experts

PHONE: We'll always answer your call.

Read the complete list of contact methods on CSI offers a multi-channel means of connecting with us
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