Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Recent call center keyword searches that drove traffic to this blog

Right on target with our content:
"pci compliance for call centers"
"Top 10 ways of monitoring individual and team performance"
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"is being a call center agent is easy?"
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"cisco call recording - why record all calls instead of randomly recording?"
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"call center e-learning modules"
"definition of call center industry"
"call center agents quotes"
"businesses looking for call centers"
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"customer call examples"
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"tutorial short term goals help desk call center"
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"Motivational Quotes about consumer insight"
"inspirational quotes for call centers"
"B2B Call Centre Industry Analysis"
"Six Sigma with DNIS"
"call center analysis basics"
"motivation tips in a call center- share success"
"new openings for new call centers"
"customer service call center stories"
"call center customer service tips"

Somewhat Interesting:
"motivational quotes + medical sales"
"what is the ultimate goal of your company"
"observations and feedback"
"clients for my new call center?"
"call center manager list"

Who knows?:
"virtual csi"
"story blog website"
"a play set in a call centre"
"skype master"
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"blog work at home call center agent"
"my life as a call center agent"
"call center home blog"

Pretty darn specific:
"dell call center mcgregor tx address"
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"size of comcast call centers"
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"coudersport, pa call center"

Company related:
"virtual observer web player"
"call center csi marketing"
"virtual observer"
"csi virtual observer licensing"

"virtual call center blog"
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