Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Enhancing Agent Assistance in the Call Center

There are multiple ways supervisors can assist agents in doing a great job.

They can provide training, side-by-side coaching, one-on-one simulations, and more.

One of the more effective methods we have seen is available in our very own Virtual Observer call quality optimization solution - a feature set called "VO Live" which enables the supervisor to view agent desktops in real time.

"VO Live" is like mission control for the call center professional.

From their own desktop, the supervisor can view agent's screens in real-time. This allows the supervisor, at a glance, to observe agents who may be having trouble using applications properly, or who may be not using the correct applications at all.

The call center supervisor can then initiate a chat to help the agent in their current task.
If the agent requires additional help, the supervisor can then take control of the agent desktop and provide hands-on assistance.

Of course, VO Live can also alert managers to distracted web surfing, which may be preventing agents from completing their tasks or from performing optimally. Every company has different policies regarding this, and it certainly isn't the main objective here.

VO Live delivers agent assistance in a way which greatly compliments other methods of assistance, taking quality monitoring to an entirely new level.

VO Live is included in Virtual Observer as a component in our bundled quality optimization features.

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