Thursday, January 07, 2010

Call Center Agent Training: Onsite vs. Webinar Training

When customers purchase our call recording and quality monitoring solution, one of the most important considerations is whether or not to select on-site training or to schedule Webinar training.

While both training options offer a high-value, personalized training approach with a tenured, professional member of our training team, "Webinar training" is often selected because of convenience and cost savings.

The benefits of Webinar training include:
- zero travel expenses
- flexible scheduling
- a "train the trainer"
- unlimited subsequent training as needed

In comparison, on-site training offers a bit more of a "hands on" approach and allows our trainers to gain an appreciation for a customer's environment and culture. Our people become familiar with the staff, and vice-versa, where faces are attached to names and titles.

With on-site training, we can also provide the option to train an entire group of users vs. an individual. It entirely depends on the customer's requirements.

On-site training is typically conducted over two business days while Webinar training can be spread over multiple days. It's completely up to the customer's preferences.

Either way, the customer benefits greatly and is hand-held as much as needed. We have earned a stellar reputation in the industry by offering superior customer service, and a great success story always begins with great training.
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  1. As far as customer care training is considered it doesn't matter if the training is online or onsite training until and unless the training purpose is achieved.

    Both online and onsite training have their own pros and cons.

    Online training is both time saving and cost effective while onsite training can provide training in a much more efficient way and the training guidelines gets clear for trainess as time passes.

  2. Good post. It's nice that customers can choose between on site or webinar training. Some people learn better from hands on experience.


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