Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CSI included in article on "Four Technology Companies Continue to Innovate"

While Connecticut has yet to be confused with Silicon Valley, or even Silicon Alley for that matter, technology companies in the Nutmeg state are providing vital services throughout the world, and those offering money saving services and products are likely to continue growing.

It’s rough out there these days. No reasonable person is going to try to tell you otherwise. However, as so often happens during lean economic times, with crisis comes innovation.

And perhaps there is no greater motivation to innovate than the desire to cut costs. The companies that stay on top during the lean times often do so through developing cost saving technologies that others need. In fact, the technology industry has historically had cycles apart from the larger economy precisely because innovation creates the ability to overpower the normal market fluctuations.

One technology-based company that has long roots in the Nutmeg state is Coordinated Systems, Inc., established in 1972. The company has continually evolved their solutions, growing a thriving business built on high quality long term relationships with customers and partners.

Coordinated Systems’ flagship product, Virtual Observer (VO), a call recording and quality assurance solution for call centers, is helping others make strides within the industry in recent years by offering a robust, user friendly feature set that provides high value and exceeds client requirements and enhances client satisfaction.

"We consistently continue to add new features to Virtual Observer,” said Rich Marcia, marketing director at Coordinated Systems, Inc. “There are three driving forces which enable us to sustain innovation. The first is by listening to our customers and responding to their needs. The second is by working with partners to create connectors which can allow our system to work with other, complimentary call center solutions. The third is the creativity of our engineering team. They are consummate professionals who never fail to deliver beyond expectations." - Read the complete article here

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