Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How flexible is the Virtual Observer UI?

Virtual Observer's user interface presents evaluators with a single unified screen that includes audio and screen capture playback as well as the evaluation form.

Virtual Observer delivers a “dynamic” screen layout in that it can be modified to create a customized look and feel that is most comfortable to each system user. Users can easily saved their preferred layouts, and the next time they login, they will be presented with the newly saved layout.

Screen layouts can be modified as follows:
· Sizable Window
· Docked or floating
· Show or hide
· Expand or contract
· Save screen layout
· Clear screen layout

Virtual Observer’s evaluation process allows users to listen to the recorded audio and watch the employee navigate through their screens while displaying the evaluation form one of three ways:

1) spreadsheet view.

2) side-by-side view.

3) single question view.

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