Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Featured Customer: ConnectiCare

ConnectiCare recently implemented the latest version of Virtual Observer Logger. What pleased the personnel at ConnectiCare most about the upgrade was the fact that “we see some of our own suggestions come into play and become a usable feature in the system, such as additional detailed reporting.”

One of the ways Virtual Observer has made an impact on call center agent performance is by allowing supervisors to provide better training and coaching to the call center staff. Supervisors would also facilitate “peer audit” meetings, which were voluntary, yet encouraged. During the peer audit meetings agents could hear each other’s calls and audit each other using the form that the supervisors use. They were actually harder on themselves than expected.

Virtual Observer has also been used as a training mechanism for the management team at ConnectiCare. On a monthly basis the managers meet together and play a call and individually score the call. A group discussion follows exchanging ideas on how and why things may have been scored differently. This calibration helps achieve consistency.

When asked if ConnectiCare would recommend Virtual Observer to other healthcare organizations, Lyndee replied “Absolutely. Helping us comply with call recording requirements makes Virtual Observer a natural selection.”

Back in 1981, ConnectiCare launched with the mission of establishing a health plan that would truly care about improving the health of its members. ConnectiCare still lives by that same mission, serving more than 240,000 individuals in Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, and New York. In 2006, ConnectiCare was ranked #6 on the U.S. News and World Report/NCQA list of America’s Best Health Plans.

ConnectiCare maintains a local presence with 500 employees based in Farmington, Connecticut. Being able to personally provide superior customer service to local residents is a big part of their success, and some of the same logic went into their choice of Coordinated Systems, Inc.’s (CSI) Virtual Observer for call recording and quality monitoring. ConnectiCare takes great pride in delivering high-quality health insurance with exceptional customer service. One of the ways they are able to deliver world class customer service is through the performance of their call center.

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