Thursday, March 01, 2007

Quality Monitoring Case Studies: Start Small and Think Big

We've got two distinct case studies that show the value and diveristy in what we can deliver to different customers. It's all relative to our "Start Small Think Big" philosophy of providing the right solution at the right time. Some of our competitors seem to force feature-overload on new customers to justify the high price tags. We'd prefer to sell our solution at a fair price, and keep the customer for life. This is also reflected in our pro-customer upgrade pricing: regular updates AND full version upgrades are provided at no charge for supported customers. Again, some of our competition will force their vulnerable customer base into what is basically a complete re-buy of the system at a price close to the original purchase price. Sound familiar?

The first case study. "Start Small" tells the tale of a convenience store chain who leverages the value of VoIP with call recording and quality assurance at an affordable price.

The second case study, "Think Big" examines how a large enterprise with 1000 agents are getting amazing value out of call monitoring with Virtual Observer.

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