Thursday, March 08, 2007

Featured Virtual Observer Add-On: Media Encryption

The Virtual Observer Media Encryption module will help to prevent unauthorized playback of your recorded customer events. The module utilizes standard 256-Bit "Advanced Encryption". The encrypted media is stored on your network and only authenticated users can decrypt and play back recordings.

This has incredible value for any companies that need to comply with Visa's "Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard".

Any company recording conversations or screen activity that includes credit card numbers will need to make sure recordings are encrypted.

Virtual Observer's (VO) granular security ensures a high level of control for administrators and multiple levels of authentication.

With VO's "Media Encryption" module, you can rest assured knowing your valuable customer data is protected.

VO's "Agent Auditing" module is especially a good fit with Media Encryption as it allows administrators the ability to follow a trail of activity by user.

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