Wednesday, December 13, 2006

CSI continues to deliver new, innovative QM features

Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI), of East Hartford, CT, is pleased to announce a series of functional enhancements to the latest release of Virtual Observer (VO) 3.0, a complete call center quality monitoring and call recording solution. Many of the enhancements are included with the base solution and will be deployed to the current customer base over the next few months. Other value added enhancements are available as add-on modules at a nominal cost for customers with active support agreements.

The most anticipated and exciting addition to the VO line up is “VO Live” – “VO Live” gives supervisors and managers a toolset to reach out and interact with agents on the fly and control agent desktops. “VO Live” includes three distinctive features: VO Live Desktop, VO Live Chat and VO Live Panel.

“VO Live Desktop” allows you to pop open an agents desktop on your screen to view or interact with them.

“VO Live Chat” allows instant messaging between you and your agents for textual conversation. Managers now can chat with an agent in real time and provide an agent with real time strategic consulting as they assist a caller.

“VO Live Panel” is a powerful tool that allows supervisors to view thumbnails of multiple agent desktops on one screen, and with a click they can view a full screen size of any thumbnail.

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