Friday, November 17, 2006

Thinking Outside the Cubicle: Fantasy Call Center, The Game?

A smart web developer could create an online version of "Fantasy Call Center" - a game where you can draft a team of agents, and based on their performance, you earn points towards prizes.

Like Fantasy Football, you would track about 10 statistics (as they occur in real time, of course). Among the statistics could be call saves, new orders, upsells, resolutions per minute, calls per hour, etc.

Perhaps the online players draft companies instead of agents - for example, I draft proctor and gamble, netflix and aol (ouch). The combined scores of all three contact centers factor in to determine my own score.

Companies would have to feed their call center statistics into a universal database. They could think of it as participating in a global benchmark study. Think of all of the statistical trends that could be established. The managers of the call centers would certainly be held accountable as their performance is now publicly monitored in an open market.

Users and visitors to the website could learn more about the companies by clicking over to the corporate websites. A little extra web visibility is always appreciated.

Would this have the same appeal as fantasy football - where there are millions of active players on free and paid sites? Not likely, but it sure sounds fun to me.

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