CTI for Call Recording - How CTI can benefit Call Recording

There are many benefits to using CTI in conjunction with call recording. At CSI, we've created a good number of connectors for a large number of phone systems and needs.

CTI is extremely useful in ensuring "cradle to grave" recording, where the entire call gets recorded, even as it passes extensions and locations.

Examples of data you can get when you're using CTI with call recording:

- Call start
- Ringing (PBX)
- Answered (PBX)
- Ringing (ACD)
- Answered (ACD)
- Rte. Pt.
- Call queue event
- Call Transfer
- Agent Log In?
- Agent Log Out?
- Agent Answer
- Agent to Work
- Agent to Ready/Avail
- Agent to Break
- Work mode
- Break mode
- Call Disconnect
- Call Abandon

Currently Available CTI Connectors for Call Recording:
- Avaya
- Cisco
- Nortel
- Siemens
- ShoreTel
- Mitel

Check back here and also on http://www.csiworld.com/features/cti-smdr-integration.php for the latest up to date news on CTI for call recording.

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