Friday, April 01, 2016

Connect the dots with Workforce Optimization and Zendesk

Zendesk BlogOn the heels of yesterday's announcement of the integration between Virtual Observer and Zendesk, as well as Tuesday's blog post by Zendesk, it is important that we examine all the various data points which can be connected with this pairing.

  • Social Media Interactions > Zendesk Support Tickets
  • Zendesk Support Tickets > CRM Customer Records
  • Zendesk Support Tickets > Virtual Observer Recorded Events
  • Zendesk Zopim Chats > Virtual Observer Recorded Events
  • Zendesk Voice Recording > Virtual Observer Recorded Events
  • Virtual Observer Event Playback > Zendesk UI

I am sure there are many more data points connected which can and will be cross pollinated. This is an extremely powerful integration which extends the capabilities of all the support centers and contact centers who use this amazing Zendesk tool.

Just as the Clarity Connect integration allows Virtual Observer to be the WFO system of choice for Microsoft Skype for Business environments, our collaboration with Zendesk allows us to connect the dots for customers who are using Zendesk for support and CRM integration.

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