Friday, November 19, 2010

More Than Simply a Customer / Vendor Relationship

More than simply a customer and vendor, GECU and CSI share synergy in their operating philosophies.

GECU’s mantra is "We’re With You". As El Paso's largest locally owned financial institution, GECU understands the value of the value of consistently delivering excellent member service.

CSI's operating philosophy of "Simple, Effective and Affordable" call recording solutions has always been one which is customer-driven, delivering great customer service experiences since way back in 1972.

GECU has understood the relationship of call monitoring and improving member interactions for a long time, implementing their first recording system back in 2001. Besides being a significant factor in member service performance improvement, they also realize the added benefits of using their call monitoring system as part of an employee development process.

GECU chose Coordinated Systems, Inc.’s (CSI) Virtual Observer call recording and quality monitoring system. "There were immediate synergies in our operating philosophies," suggested Cynthia Salas-Santoyo, quality assurance supervisor for GECU, saying "When our account manager told us about the level of service they could provide, of people working with people, we knew CSI was a good fit for us."

Recent business metrics demonstrated loan volume increase by 28%, largely due to performance gains as a result of their call monitoring efforts. In fact, call monitoring was instrumental in GECU reaching their lending goals:

"VO’s E-learning features allowed us to create training clips to the agents on products and services to enhance their knowledge, providing another method of ongoing training," mentioned Santoyo.
"Supervisors are now free to spend more time coaching, resulting in an increase of evaluations to an average of four per month," she added. "With screen recording of agent activity, supervisors can easily identify suggest ways for the agents to increase productivity while still fully serving members’ needs. Screen captures also shows us when agents take too many steps and identifies when agents miss cross-selling opportunities."

GECU implemented VO with full time ("100%") recordings, giving the credit union a far greater number of recorded calls to evaluate. "Call logging has also allowed us to track complimentary and unsatisfactory calls to recognize or improve the quality service provided by the agents," Santoyo offered. "We also really appreciate the VO Live feature suite, which allows supervisors to view several agents as they are on the call with the member to look for coaching opportunities." GECU continues to experience performance gains from Virtual Observer, enabling the credit union to continue pushing the boundaries of excellence in the call center.

About GECU:
The largest locally owned financial organization in El Paso, Texas, GECU is proud to offer members a variety of benefits, including savings and investment accounts to help build a financial secure future for you and your family, Low-rate car loans with up to 100% financing on new and used vehicles, Free checking accounts, Competitive first-lien mortgage loans, Home equity/home improvement loans for property located in the U.S. within 150 miles of El Paso County.

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