Friday, June 11, 2010

Future Contact Centers Are in the Hands of our Children

This post doesn't relate to my company or the call recording space at all, but I wanted to share some interesting feedback I'd received relative to depicting the call center of the future, and -- in imaging the future, you must have to include tomorrow's workforce in the equation.

Thus, I wanted to share an article I had recently on FastCompany entitled "How the iPad became child's play" which positioned the Apple tablet as an excellent learning device for children - toddlers even.

I know this to be true. My son, turning 2 this week, has an innate sense of how to use my cell phone, my iPod and besides breaking a few keys off of my keyboard, my laptop computer. He knows which videos he wants to play, and which songs he wants to hear. I think this is indicative of most toddlers now -- they take to electronics like they did to a bottle a year before.

A few months ago, I told my wife "if I could get him an iPad, he could navigate it and use it immediately - without breaking any keys!".

Before too long, I have no doubt my son will be using Skype to video conference his 1 and 1/2 year old cousin in Hawaii.

By the time this generation joins the workforce, technology will be second nature and current forms of customer interaction, such as telephone calls and even web chats, may be outdated and replaced by means of which we may not even comprehend as of yet.

For example, imagine a tiny bar code or interface implanted on a product which, when engaged, opens a video chat projected on a wall, with a customer service expert on the very product you are using.

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