Thursday, April 13, 2006

Top Ten Ways a Quality Monitoring Program Can Improve Agent Performance

Actually, we're looking to build a top are the first ones that have been sent in:

* Hear What I sound Like - The ability for an agent to 'hear themselves speak' can be very enlightening. Frequently, a dedicated agent is more critical of themselves than an evaluator is. "I didn't know I always use that phrase", Why do I say 'uh, so much?", "I can hear myself chewing gum!", etc.

* See What I am Doing on the Screens - To be able to follow the 'process flow' taken while on a call can greatly assist in streamlining how the agent responds to questions, gathers information and updates client records.

* Call Evaluation - The ability to listen to a call, watch the screen-flow, evaluate the call and provide feedback to agent can be instrumental in helping an agent improve as quickly as possible. The ability to 'package' a call and let the agent listen to the call, read the evaluation and utilize any e-learning tools available can speed up the agent's learning curve.

* Measurable Standards - The ability to produce reports that display the agent against a group, or to analyze the group as a whole, provides an enterprise with the ability to determine if they have an individual training need, an organizational training need, or a process (procedure or system) development need. For example, one customer watched the listened to the agent get the customer's charge card number at the appropriate time, confirm the charge card number, and then follow the screen-flow correctly. However, the charge card number did not appear until screen number 8. It was then entered, long after it had been confirmed with the customer. The very next day, the charge card number was part of screen 1, so it could be entered and verified immediately. This was a Process/System improvement, as the agent had followed all rules.

....Please comment back with your own list!

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