Friday, October 21, 2005

Call Center Chaos

These posts came in anonymously, and I debated posting them, but they are too funny to refuse:

"I am a little bit fed up. I called in to one of the major soft drink companies to complain that every bottle I had purchased of their product was completely flat. The customer service person politely suggested I try their main competitor to see if their soda was flat as well. I was baffled by that response..."

-- if that is not a testament to quality assurance and call recording, I don't know what is. Well, maybe this next one:

"I've been a subscriber to this magazine for fifteen years. It was a Christmas present and I just kept paying the renewal bills because they were pretty nominal. I never read the damn magazine. Well, this year I decided to just call and cancel the subscripttion. They had no record of my ever being a customer. She said I might be in the crm system, but she didn't have access to that particular database. She apologized and said she had no way to unsubscribe me. Yhen she came up with this brilliant idea to add me as a new subscriber, and then cancel my account, and when the two databases are synchronized, the newer record would overwrite the older. Exasperated, I said ok. Now my pile of unread mags is twice as high."

-- This one seems like more of an IT issue than a call center issue...

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